What are some of the major factors a company needs to take into consideration when setting up a global e-business? Why do companies with already establish international brick and mortar units have an advantage in setting up global e-business compared to firms with no international presence?

Response submitted by Jorge & Habib:

  1. Leadership: CEO should strongly believe in the benefits of an e-commerce.
  2. Build on current business models and experiment with new e-commerce models.
  3. Meet the challenge of developing an e-commerce organization
  4. Allocate resources to the e-commerce business
  5. Build a superior e-commerce infrastructure as basis of a differentiation strategy
  6. Have an e-commerce strategy
  7. Develop appropriate e-commerce system
  8. Measure success

For e-businesses that also require a physical infrastructure in the countries where they operate, large multinational firms that enter e-commerce with an existing global presence often have an advantage. They have resources to establish a physical base in each country of operation to maintain localized web sites. Smaller firms and firms new to the complexities of multinational commerce face more challenges in establishing an international presence.