Thank you for stopping by. Below are links to help us easily share study material for the comp exam by section. Please edit these pages as you see fit to make them more useful. If you forgot how to upload files, create links, or edit, please e-mail anything that you wish to share to Mario and he'll post here for the rest of group. Thanks! and Good Luck to ALL! Note: It's broken up by section for ease of reference and also because there is a limit to the file sizes that can be uploaded.

MGMT 641 (Prof. Drost) - Study Material

MGMT 642 (Dr. O) - Study Material

MGMT 650 (Prof. Reza) - Study Material

MGMT 655 (Prof. Pelletier) - Study Material

PA 615 (Prof. Holliman) - Study Material

Past Management Comp Exams